Ultimate Checklist for the Best Initial Windows 10 Setup 2018

Ultimate Checklist for the Best Initial Windows 10 Setup 2018

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Windows 10 is notorious for poor privacy.

Your Computer Has Just Finished Installing Windows 10…

Okay, so you’ve waited and waited, and finally, you are at the stage of Windows 10 setup. That is to say, you’re probably looking at a bright blue screen with Cortana shouting down your ear.

However, you might already have Windows 10 setup, in which case, you can follow the later steps. We will cover what you can do after the initial Windows 10 setup wizard has completed, so don’t worry.

Ultimately, this is a guide for configuring your Windows 10 computer in the best way—for privacy and security. Therefore, even if you don’t think there’s work to be done, there’s likely something you need to do right now.

Zucking Your Data
Microsoft will Zuck many more datas when someone new has Windows 10 setup

But why is it important to have a Windows 10 checklist to abide by? Well, this makes it super-easy to get up and running as soon as possible.

On top of that, these steps will guide you through the ways of giving Windows 10 some privacy and security. Unfortunately, Windows 10 is notorious for collecting swathes of potentially personally-identifying data.

This data is sufficiently bountiful such that it can reveal a scary and surprising amount about you. In fact, Microsoft is essentially building up their own, massive profile of you.

Do you really want this?

Also, it is a very good idea to configure Windows 10 for security. As a result, I promise you won’t have to worry nearly as much about being infected by malware; infections of any sort are astonishingly likely, no matter how careful you think you are online…

With that all in mind, let us subsequently, swiftly shuffle our way into the first step of many. This after Windows 10 has finished its installation, to clarify.

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