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While the browser extension is very useful for correcting mistakes as you browse the web, there's an MS Word plugin and desktop app, too. Even the free version is exceptional—but lacks the power of premium.

VPN Recommendations

You would be crazy not to use a VPN online, looking at the current state of the Internet. Do you really care about your security and privacy? Well then, don\'t fall into the trap of using a free VPN (they usually monitor you and have strict bandwidth restrictions) or no VPN at all.

Best for Sheer Speed


Best for Absolute Privacy and Security

Best for a Budget




Private Internet Access



Known for outstanding Internet speeds, this VPN boasts a respectable privacy policy—well worth it for speed demons.


This is the only VPN of the three here that isn't based in the US (no snooping government). Also, NordVPN offers the best selection of features for privacy and security. Respectable speeds, too.

Private Internet Access

If the other two are a bit too much for your pocket, PIA is for you. It has sufficient privacy and speed to keep you going.


PIA vs NordVPN Comparison

Here, I go into the depths of each of these two VPNs. Come join me and which one is the better fit for you.

Books That Can Revolutionise Your Life

Note: "self-help" and personal development has gotten negative connotations of nonsense. That is, simply enough, because many people preach nonsense, creating noise. However, look at the genuinely successful people—they're likely to have stuff worth hearing.

Soft Skills

Complete Soft Dev Career Guide

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Millionaire Fastlane

Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual

Phenomenal. Oriented towards software developers, the majority of this book is applicable to most people. It's basically a collection of tools and advice to help you excel in your life and career.

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide

Another useful production by John Sonmez. If you want to be a software developer—and maximise your career success—hold this book close.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

A book that everyone should readno matter who you are. Dale Carnegie teaches you the communicational skills that can help you in every aspect of life.

The Millionaire Fastlane

What differentiates the wealthy from the not-so-wealthy? Transition your life from the 'slow-lane' to the 'fast-lane', and don't fall for the widely-believed illusions. (For further reading see Unscripted.)

59 Seconds

Night School

Richest Man in Babylon

59 Seconds

Providing you a copious tips for improving many areas of your everyday life. The author and psychologist, Richard Wiseman, busts \"self-help\" myths backed by proper, scientific research.

Night School

Sadly, few people understand the true value of sleep. With Night School, you will learn how to have the best night's sleep of your life, as well as many other fascinating, useful nuggets of information.

Maximum Achievement

Behold, raw inspiration. For anybody determined to improve their lives, this is an essential, must-read book; you will learn to finally take control of your life—break free!

The Richest Man in Babylon

Learn the money-management techniques that we all ought to employ. This is the first stepping-stone to emulating the financial successes of others.

Software Development


Technologies are always developing. Therefore, you can't get by in your career without keeping you skills sharp. There are plenty of courses on Pluralsight, (and a free Skill IQ test).

Visual Studio

Without a doubt—the best IDE. It supports a wide range of platforms and languages, has an extensive collection of available extensions, and is feature-rich. IntelliSense is remarkable, too.


Programming Benefits: Should You Join in on The Fun?

Laptop or Desktop for Programming Which is The Best

The Best Mouse for Programming 2018? You Need to See This

Programming Benefits: Should You Join in on The Fun?

Are the programming benefits enough for you to care about them, and is it worth your time? Find out about the multiplicity of opportunities that comes with learning how to programme—you might just love it.

Laptop or Desktop for Programming: Which is The Best?

Which one is better: a laptop or desktop for programming (or even both)? If you are a power user looking for the perfect new computer, read on to discover the best configuration for you and your needs.

Best Mouse for Programming 2018? You Need to See This!

If you are tight on money yet in need of quality, read this Logitech G502 review—the best mouse for programming and just about everything else. Comfort, customisation, durability, precision, flexibility, features, fun. It’s got it all.

Productivity Tools

See all of my productivity articles here.




This is, by far, my favourite Kanban board for productivity. Keep track of your activities and make your life easier. Also, it is packed with features including a Pomodoro timer.


If you ever need a place to take all of your notes—in an organised fashion—WorkFlowy is for you. Organise your brain with a list, sublists, sub-sublists, and so on.


Another way of organising your ideas: you could create a feature-full mindmap. Interestingly, visualising information can be a great way to understand and retain it.


Like KanbanFlow, Trello allows you to create boards with those lovely cards. Despite being more suited for project management, it's useful for creating easily re-arrangeable lists.


How to Be Productive with This Powerful Tool Guaranteed

How to Be Productive with This Powerful Tool—Guaranteed

With this single productivity planner, you are guaranteed to increase productivity levels through the roof! As an avid computer enthusiast, learn how to be productive at everything you do by using this one productivity strategy.

Cryptocurrency and Mining

See all of my cryptocurrency articles here.

Beware of the cryptocurrency scams! Check the legitimacy of cryptocurrency-related websites you come across at





The best place, in my opinion, to store, buy, and sell Bitcoin (and a few other cryptocurrencies). By signing up through my link, you can get $10 (£7) of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 (£71) of any cryptocurrency.


This is another place to buy and sell Bitcoin. You can make transactions with other people with safety and protection, using various different payment methods.


I use NiceHash to sell hashing power for it's more reliable, greater profitability. Moreover, you can make instant, no-fee payments to your Coinbase wallet from your NiceHash one. You can buy hashing power, too.


Mining Profitability 2018 Is it Easily Worth Your Time

How to Use Bitcoin: The Truths You Need to Know

Mining Profitability 2018—Is it Easily Worth Your Time?

Take advantage of the cryptocurrency mining profitability with these 5 easy, uplifting and no-nonsense strategies, even without further investment. Do you have the courage to conquer inflated GPU prices?

How to Use Bitcoin: Truths You Need To Know

All computer enthusiasts need to know about cryptocurrency. But why should you join this sensational party? How can you make profit effortlessly with cryptocurrency? This is the future of money, no questions asked.

Tools for Your Website

InMotion Hosting



InMotion Hosting

Cryptic Butter is hosted with InMotion Hosting; it offers high-quality services and customer support, and the WordPress plan offers a streamlined experience as well as a free domain.


For me, a must-have WordPress plugin. It offers the best related post functionality, a CDN for your images, statistics, downtime monitoring, security features, email subscriptions and much more.


You spend fifty-two hours every day pushing out quality music-podcasts of your sick beats. Consider using Patreon to add some fun to the donation process.


How to Boost Your Career: 3 Remarkable Benefits of Blogging

How to Boost Your Career: 3 Remarkable Benefits of Blogging

What are you waiting for? Find out how to reap the benefits of blogging thus boost your career and grow your income. Why shouldn’t you learn the secrets that separate wildly successful people from the rest?

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