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For your convenience, I have heroically spread the Cryptic Butter outwards onto multiple platforms.

To begin with, if you simply want to contact me, please use my email: there is a form at the bottom of the page for those lucky people who cannot be bothered to open their email client.

You can also use (but not abuse) my social networking profiles. There, I will be releasing updates of new posts, announcements, and bonus content including eye-opening ideas that better not go in through one eye and out the other!


[email protected]

(Please no marketing emails and whatnot!)

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Come back next year… maybe.

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Send Me an Email Here

You could use the contact form below to email me if you have any general questions or problems regarding Cryptic Butter.

Please do not send me any marketing emails offering a product or service: frankly, I don’t care how much your shiny website design service costs. Therefore, I will not buy into anything.

This is mighty-useful information.
So what would you like to say to me today?
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